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Wu Chung-Ken, M.D.

Distinguished Professor of Asia-Pacific Precision Medicine Vice President of Guangzhou Private Health Association President, Bergman Medical Group, Taiwan


2013-2015 Years General Surgeon, Taichung Guangtian Hospital

2016-2017 Posimy Medical Group Medical Director

2017- CEO of Anti-Aging at New come medical Clinic

Academic Appointments

2016-2018: China Medical Research Journal" Chemotherapy and Bioimmune Treatment of Gastric Cancer.

2019: Anti-Aging ProbioticS Research, China Journal of Preventive Medicine Research

2020: Clinic, effect of umbilical cord blood stem cell in the treatment of decompensated cirrhosis

Vice President, Asia-Pacific Society of Precision Anti-Aging Medicine

CEO of Cross-Strait Traditional Chinese Medicine Exchange, Traditional Chinese Medicine Research and Development Foundation

Medical Director of KS Life Medical Group, Hengqin, Macau

Medical Director-Asia of Invitrx Therapeutics, CA,USA

Director of the Preparatory Office, Anti-Aging Research Center, Longcheng International Rehabilitation Hospital, Guangzhou

Physician advisor, emlyon business school Global Healthcare Industry Center (GHIC)

Young editor-in-chief of《Aging and Disease》