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Flow Cytometry Services

Invitrx flow cytometry core facility is offering a solution to
its clients for their flow cytometry needs by providing:

Access to ACEA Biosciences NovaCyte3000

In depth flow cytometry training by expert in the field

Technical Assistance in Experimental Design

Flow Cytometry performance and analysis

Practical solutions to assay design

Validation protocol assistance

Project Management

Partner development that can be tailored and customized to meet your needs

ACEA biosciences NovoCyte3000 Spec Sheet

Wide and broad signal intensities

NovoCyte3000 Flow cytometer is a 3-laser (405nm violet, 488nm blue, and 640nm red) system with 13 fluorescent channel detection channels. Its 7-log damamic range for signal detection and processing eliminates complicated and laorious adjustments of photo multiplier tube (PMT) votage and makes data acquisition easy and fast.

Diversely and automatically sample loading

NovoCyte3000 Flow cytometer is equipped with the NovoSampler, which allows for a variety of loading tubers including 1.5ml eppendorfs tubes, 5ml polystryrene tubes, and 24/48/96 well plates, and automatically completes flow run while you walk away.

Constant and consistent QC test

NovoCyte3000 Flow Cytometer QC test provides daily performance of the instrument, Levey-jennings QC data monitoring report over time, and user reassurance.

Accurate and precise cell counting

The highly accurate and volumetric syringe pump is employed in Novo-Cyte3000 Flow Cytometer to perform accurate and precise absolute cell counting, which eliminates the use of expensive reference beads.

Intuitive and comprehensive software

The NovoExpress software Provides easy-to-use flow run experiment manager including data acquisition, data analysis, and report generation, which allows for data analysis during data acquisition and there by enhances experiment efficiency.

Assay Example - 2-color cell viability assay

The 2-color (acridine orange and propidium iodide) panel is employed to identify healthy (live nucleated) cells. The cell viability is calculated as the percentage of healthy cell in total cells including healthy and dead cells.

Assay Example - 10-color stem cell subset assay

The 10-color (acridine orange and propidium iodide, CD34, CD90, CD38, CD73, CD105, CD45, CD45RA and lineage CD14/CD19/HLA-DR) panel is employed to identify hematopoietic stem cell tissue sources and in vitro differentiated mesenchy-mal stem cells. we set the strictest standard for the HSCs and MSCs claims, requiring the marker expression profile of propidium iodide-acridine orange+CD45+CD34+CD38+CD45RA-CD90+CD14-CD19-HLA-DR- and the marker expression profile of propidium iodide-acridine orange+CD45-CD34-CD73+CD105+CD90+CD14-CD19-HLA-DR- respec-tively.

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